Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Speaker Pelosi?

Ok, here's the deal: I want the Democrats to win control of the House and Senate, really I do. But the thought of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi -- she also doubles as my Congressional representative -- makes my skin crawl. Leaving aside her horrible public speaking skills, and her old-school leftist political beliefs, she's also an idiot (from the NY Times):

Ms. Pelosi said she slept little, stole exercise by dashing through
airports and subsisted many days on Ghirardelli chocolates ("less than 10" a
day) and pistachio nuts (which she shells with her teeth).

"I had a hamburger last night and it was my breakfast, lunch and dinner,"
she said last week.
"And I had these strange things. I realized they were French fries." She
made quick spiraling gestures with her fingers to show what they looked like.

It was apparent that she was not familiar with curly fries.

Strange things indeed.


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