Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hot Christian Sex Toys

While searching for an image of a little kitten on Google images (honestly), I was directed to a website called "Covenant Spice, A Christ honoring sex and romance site for Christian couples." Sound weird? You have no idea. In their own words:

There are some limits in the bible on sexual behavior. However, these limits always speak to having sexual relations with somebody who is not your spouse (including prostitutes, homosexuality, orgies, and adultery). But nowhere is there anything that can be interpreted to mean that married couples cannot enjoy playing with toys, games, lotions, etc in the bedroom that enhance their lovemaking as a couple.

Wrong, Covenant Spice freaks! Clearly, you are forgetting Leviticus 23:12, which states:

Thou shalt not purchase weird kinky lotions as thou baketh thine bread, for the Lord thinketh it doth be creepy.

I urge you to peruse the Covenant Spice website -- don't worry, it's totally safe for work -- and explore more about Jesus, marriage, and Hold Tight Enhancer,which "induces intimate closeness by inducing a shrinking, contracting action in the vaginal walls for a 'tighter fit."


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