Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Seahawks versus Rams -- The Review

The good

Just about everything that happened in the second half. The defense got incredible pressure up front -- three sacks with a three man rush! -- and the offense finally started looking like the actual Seahawks offense, instead of the imposters who showed up for the first two quarters against the Rams, the last quarter against the Giants, and all four freakin' quarters against the Bears.

Deion Branch got the TDs, but my man D.J. "Clutch" Hackett made some huge plays for us to keep the ball moving at critical spots, including a 16-yarder in the final two minutes. At some point, Hackett will supplant Burleson as this team's #4 WR.

Josh Brown, after clanking a short kick, nailed two 4o+ yarders and then absolutely DRILLED the 54 yarded to win the game. Nice comeback, Josh.

Hasselbeck's two-minute drive was a thing of beauty. And Ed Hochuli, I want to kiss your guns.

The bad

I can't believe I'm typing this, but Chris Spencer is making me long for the days of Pork Chop Womack. He's leading the team with three sacks given up, and he's had four false start penalties all year. He's not going to keep his job at this rate.

Memo to Maurice Morris: you almost cost us the season with your pathetic fumble at the end of the game. Once Shaun get healthy, get ready for the bench.

Memo to Marcus Trufant: At some point, aren't you tired of Torry Holt making you his bitch?

The ugly

The first two quarters were just horrible to watch. I thought we were headed for another Bears-style disaster, and I was beginning to seriously question the heart of the team. Whatever Holmgren said or did at halftime, it obviously worked. But the Hawks have yet to string together four straight quarters of solid play. I still think we are the best team in the NFC -- Rex Grossman showed his true colors against the Cardinals, and it won't be the last time -- but we are approaching midseason, so its time to start playing in midseason form.


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