Thursday, December 14, 2006

Harry Reid channels Bill Frist

So in case you haven't heard, Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson had to have emergency brain surgery the other day. Best wishes, Senator. Turning now to the morbidly political, if Johnson dies, there is a very good chance the GOP will regain control of the Senate, because the governor of South Dakota is a Republican, and he's the one who will appoint Johnson's replacement.

All of which would suck for the Dems. Perhaps that's why Maybe Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid seems to be in a state of self delusion (from the AP):

Incoming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid visited Johnson in the hospital Thursday morning and said afterward he was confident the senator would recover fully.

Asked about whether Democratic control of the Senate might be jeopardized, Reid said, "There isn't a thing that's changed."

Reid refused to comment on Johnson's medical condition, declining to even answer a question on whether the senator was conscious. "To me he looked very good," Reid said.

Hmm, remember when Sen. Bill Frist was able to diagnose Terri Schiavo by watching 20 minutes of video? At least in that case, Frist could claim some medical training to support his lunacy. Here, Reid seems both (a) in political denial about the very-real possibility that the Dems will lose Senate control and (b) making medical declarations he's completely unqualified to make.


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