Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hillary Clinton -- what a disaster

Interested in the race for President? Make sure to set aside some time to curl up with this Atlantic Monthly profile of Senator Hillary Clinton. In it, you will learn that:

(1) Hillary claims she didn't realize Bush planned to invade Iraq when she authorized Bush to invade Iraq.

(2) Hillary successfully fought efforts to redistribute AIDS funding to southern states---where AIDS is growing rapidly---because she wanted New York to keep the money.

(3) When asked if she could name a single political risk she's taken as Senator, she cites an environmental health bill for the victims of 9/11.

At some point, the question needs to be asked: what does Hillary Clinton stand for? Besides being against violence in video games? And why does anyone think she should be President?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

However, you ignore the Democratic Party’s fondness for circular firing squads.

Not only does Hillary inspire all the enthusiasm of John Kerry for Democrats, but, at a time when the GOP base is discouraged, it gives them a reason to fight hard. Perfect....

Obama’s biggest contribution may be to change the perception that Hillary’s nomination is a given. Well, we can hope.

-- Big Daddy

7:44 AM  

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