Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Virginia killer's bizarre screenplay

The Smoking Gun has obtained a copy of Cho Seung-Hi's bizarre screenplay for one of his writing classes, entitled "Richard McBeef." Here's a quick synopsis:

Stepfather Richard McBeef fights with his stepson, John, over breakfast. John accuses McBeef of murdering his real father and being a pedophile.

John's mother comes down the stairs, expresses concern for her son, who she refers to as her "poor little pooey pooey boy."

John and "McBeef" fight in front of Sue; McBeef chases her through the house after John flees upstairs. After cornering Sue, McBeef asks, "Now why don't we go in the bedroom and do it doggy style, just the way you like it, honey-poo."

John confronts McBeef -- apparently, a former NFL player -- and accuses him of being a fat piece of shit. He yells, "Fuck you DAD" and charges. "Out of sheer desecrated hurt and anger," McBeef swings his large arms and kills John.

The End.


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