Thursday, September 06, 2007

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The Week in Quotes

Staff Predictions (including mine)

Random comments:

-- The Saints will win tonight
-- I don't like sexual witchhunts, even when they involve self-loathing GOP Senators
-- I'm sorry my blogging is so pathetic. Things might get better now that my fantasy drafts have taken place. On a related note, I'm betting big on Maurice Jones-Drew.
-- Marcus Tubbs, the Hawks big defensive tackle, is out for the season. Opposing teams average 60 fewer yards rushing when he's in the lineup. I'm pretty depressed about this.
-- I think this is the best article I've read on the Iraq War debate recently.
-- It just occured to me that the only summer movie I've seen is Transformers. Which sucked.
-- I think I like the American "Office" more than the British one. But what about the French?
-- The Fred Thompson campaign annoys me.
-- These comments are starting to sound like the deluded rambling of Larry King in USA Today. Not good.
-- Still, I'm having fun writing them.
-- I really should blog more often.
-- But go read FootballOutsiders now. Just do it.


Blogger Jimmimoose said...

Good call on the Saints, brother mine. ;-)

1:41 PM  

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