Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Zimbabwe Catastrophe

Amnesty International has released photographs proving that Dictator Robert Mugabe bulldozed entire communities last year, leaving as many as 700,000 homeless:

Inflation is still running at 1900%. Approximately 90% of the population is below the poverty level (the African poverty level). Life expectancy has dropped from 55 years in 1980 -- when Mugabe came to power -- to around 30 years today.

Put simply, Zimbabwe is in the middle of a humanitarian disaster. There are a couple of things you can do:

1. Write your Congressional Representative to demand they take notice of what happens. (I just emailed Nancy "Curly Fries" Pelosi).

2. Write Nicolas Kristof of the NY Times, ask him to cover the story. (Not as outrageous as it seems -- Kristof has done an admirable job of keeping the Darfur disaster in the public conciousness.)

3. Donate money to Amnesty International. You don't even have to earmark it for Zimbabwe -- just contribute, and let the organization allocate as need warrants.


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