Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Five big questions for the Seahawks

Sure, it's June, but the Hawks season starts in a mere four months. Here are five critical questions for this year:

1. Will our secondary step up to stop the pass on third down? This was our fatal flaw last year. We signed Julian Peterson to make plays, and we drafted Kelly Jennings to step in at CB, but if those guys can't stop the pass plays on third and long, we're going to lose some games we should win.

2. Will Shaun Alexander continue his production? Alexander turns 29 in August. He's played four straight seasons without missing a game -- unbelievable for a RB -- carrying the ball 295, 326, 353, and 370 times. He's lost all-world tackle Steve Hutchinson. And he's on the cover of Madden. And our backup is Maurice Morris.

3. Is Nate Burleson the answer in the passing game? The Hawks were pissed that the Vikings poached Hutchinson, so we went out and got their best wide receiver. But Burleson took a huge step back last year, and I predict we're going to miss the sure hands of Joe Jurevicius.

4. If Matt Hasselbeck goes down, then what? First, the obvious: There is no position more vulnerable than quarterback. Second, the almost equally obvious: Seneca Wallace, for all his athleticism, is not an NFL starting quarterback. Will we sign a competent free agent before the season begins (see, e.g., Jamie Martin, formerly of the St. Louis Rams).

5. Will we shake off the Super Bowl hangover? No whining about bad calls. No dropped passes by our TE on the 1-yard line. No shitty clock management by the coach we just reupped.

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