Monday, July 31, 2006

I knew Mel Gibson was an anti-Semite

A few years ago, I wrote a review of "The Passion" wherein I defended the movie, but not Mel Gibson, since his public -- public! -- comments evidenced an overt hostilities toward Jews. Nut paragraphs:

Despite having made a movie that I believe is entirely defensible as a work of art, Gibson’s public comments are utterly indefensible. Consider what’s he’s told Peggy Noonan, the conservative columnist for the Wall Street Journal. When asked if Gibson disagreed with his father, who denies the Holocaust, Gibson said that “My father never told me a lie.” When asked about his own beliefs about the Holocaust, he merely replied “A lot people died during World War II. No doubt many Jews were among them.”

These comments would be stunning in their callousness no matter when uttered, but to say them on the heels of releasing “The Passion” is, in a word, terrifying. Gibson is utterly indifferent or oblivious to the fact that a soldier dying – no matter how tragic – is incomparable to the herding of women, and children, to be systematically tortured in industrial death factories. For someone to make a movie exploring the depths of the suffering of Mary, Jesus, and God, yet fail to recognize the suffering in the Jews – and to even deny that such suffering occurred – is no mere mistake. That is anti-Semitism. And that makes Mel Gibson an anti-Semite.

Now we have further proof that Mel Gibson is an anti-Semite, at least according to second hand reports from the officers who arrested his drunken ass last week. Apparently, the officers heard Gibson go off on a rant about Jews starting all the wars in the world or some such nonsense. This guy needs help. And a good ass kicking.


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