Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bush Lie #1

From President Bush's speech today to the American Legion National Convention:

Here at home we have a choice to make about Iraq. Some politicians look at our efforts in Iraq and see a diversion from the war on terror. That would come as news to Osama bin Laden, who proclaimed that the "third world war is raging" in Iraq. It would come as news to the number two man of al Qaeda, Zawahiri, who has called the struggle in Iraq, quote, "the place for the greatest battle." It would come as news to the terrorists from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and other countries, who have to come to Iraq to fight the rise of democracy.

Just a reminder: "These are important times, and I seriously hope people wouldn’t politicize these issues I’m going to talk about." -- President Bush, yesterday (8/30/06)

Also, it's worth noting the twisted logic of Bush's statements. Breaking it down into its discrete, inane components:

(1) Bush's invasion of Iraq has turned Iraq into haven for terrorists worldwide;
(2) Osama bin Laden, Bush quotes approvingly (because, you know, we haven't actually caught him) believes Iraq is fertile ground for terrorist activity;
(3) Ergo, Iraq is central to the War on Terror;
(4) "Politicians" -- read, Democrats -- who think that the amount of resources we've devoted to issue #1 (War in Iraq) instead of issue #2 (Osama bin Laden, responsible for 3,000+ U.S. deaths) -- are "diverting" resources from the War on Terror.

Think about that. By invading Iraq and failing to secure the country, we've created a breeding ground for terrorism. Therefore, we cannot divert resources from Iraq. We are at War with Oceania. We have always been at war with Oceania.

My brain just exploded.


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