Thursday, August 31, 2006

Life imitating George Carlin

George Carlin, circa 1992:

On his album Jammin' in New York, George Carlin offers a hilarious final solution to the golf problem: Turn courses into housing for the homeless. By the comedian's estimate, golf courses occupy three million-plus acres of American real estate — room enough, he says, for "two Rhode Islands and a Delaware for the homeless." (from an article entitled "Golf War Syndrome")

Mayor of Caracas, Venezuela, circa yesterday:

Caracas Mayor Juan Barreto announced late Tuesday that the municipal government planned to seize two elite country clubs, Valle Arriba and the Caracas Country Club, and redevelop them as low-income housing projects.

The planned seizures were justified as part of [President Dipshit Hugo] Chavez's federal policy to redistribute privately owned land to the poor.

Life: No Longer Distinguishable from The Onion.


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