Friday, September 29, 2006

Blogs I read

My girlfriend's father asked for a list of American political blogs. Here's what I read:

Rightish blogs -- "libertarian" law and politics blog run by Prof. Eugene Volokh at UCLA – probably my favorite blog -- international relations from former U. Chicago professor; I agree with Drezner often -- Andrew Sullivan's blog (former journalist for New Republic, now writes for Time magazine) – he's gay and Catholic, so it makes for interesting reading -- Law prof. Glenn Reynolds; probably the most popular blog in the US, for reasons not quite clear

Leftish blogs -- Jonah Marshall, also former New Republic journalist – very "DC insider" -- Considered the biggest blog on the left, its founder, Markos Moukalitas, is considered the new kingmaker in Democratic politics – even though he's yet to successfully crown a king -- The "instapundit" of the left; I actually don't read this very much because the layout is annoying -- Prof. Juan Cole, Middle Eastern affairs expert – smart guy, and he drives the right bananas, though he sometimes gets his facts wrong

Neutral/entertaining -- Makes fun of DC culture – "The Note" is the ultimate political junkie website; must-read for actual politicians and political operatives's "kausfiles" -- Mickey Kaus is probably the most annoying blogger of all time, but I can't stop reading his blog!


Blogger Robert Boyd said...

I like most that you named. On the right side, I would add:
Belgravia Dispatch --
(Although he hasn't been too right lately, in his dogged criticism of the war in Iraq).
Greg Mankiw's Blog -- This is best read in conjunction with other economics blogs. They always seem in conversation with each other, across the political spectrum in a way purely political blogs don't quite do.

On the left:
Brad DeLong's Semi-Daily Journal -- Good but he has a habit of posting undigested chunks of other people's blogs sometimes. He's sort of the Mankiw of the left.
TAPPED -- The blog of The New American Prospect. Ezra Klien and Charlie Pierce are good reporters and snarky commentators
Political Animal -- Kevin Drum writes this blog, with occasional contributions from other Washington Monthly writers. Like WM, it is wonkish, and lately features a lot of flabbergasted exasperation at various examples of incompetence in Iraq, etc.

And I don't know if I'd call this blog liberal or not. I guess it is:
Passport -- FP's official blog is amusing, opinionated, and adult

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