Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Seahawks v. Bears, a preview

My amateur observations regarding the Chicago Bears:

(1) Rex Grossman's played decently the first three games, but he almost lost them the game last week against the improved Vikings defense. The Hawks secondary is going to have to stop the deep throw, particularly Bernard Berrian who has good speed and (as evidenced from his fingertip touchdown two weeks ago) good hands. Muhsin Muhammed is the sort of WR that can give us fits over the middle, and the TE, Desmond Clark, has been a surprising factor in the passing game (he sprained his foot, though, and apparently was in a boot yesterday -- rumor is ankle sprain).

(2) The defense is obviously the biggest strength of this team. But last week, the Bears promoted a rookie safety, Daniel Manning, to starter. Struggling Vikings WR Troy Williamson managed to put up some decent numbers, so I'd expect to see us test the Bears secondary with a few more deep throws than we're used to seeing -- ironically, the player who'd be best suited for this, D. J. Hackett, will probably be inactive for the game (because of Deion Branch).

(3) Although you don't hear it as much, the Bears are also incredible on special teams -- an area where the Hawks struggle a bit. Last week, the PR (I believe Davis) made a huge return after freezing the contain with the fake-pump pass. In other words, we need to plan for trickery, and not lose the battle for field position.


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