Monday, September 25, 2006

Seahawks v. Giants, a quick recap

For all three readers who love the Seahawks as much as I do, here's a quick recap of yesterday's game:

The good

Went into halftime leading by 32 points; Hasselbeck threw for five touchdowns

Offensive game plan was creative; newly acquired WR Branch was a shoestring away from breaking a huge run off on a reverse

Defense played a perfect first half; Ken "The Hammer" Hamlin hammered Eli Manning for two early picks, and Tiki Barber and Jeremy Shockey did nothing all day

The bad

Shaun Alexander had less than 100 yards, and clearly his foot is bothering him

Lost another member of the o-line (Chris Gray), who hasn't missed a start since the stone ages

Nate Burleson -- who generally played well -- dropped yet another pass; Seahawks on pace for twice as many drops as last year

The ugly

Seahawks clearly took the fourth quarter off, allowing 27 points (!)

Up next: the undefeated Chicago Bears on Sunday Night Football. Should be a great one.


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