Monday, October 23, 2006

Geeks, fantasy sports, and Congress

Well, it was bound to happen. Some geeks have created a "Fantasy Congress" online league. You pick teams of 5 Senators and 12 Representatives, and get points based on how many bills they sponsor and pass.

Read more here:

If this catches on, we will see a revolution in conventional politics. Seriously. My eight-year obsession with fantasy football has made me roughly 7,000 times more interested in football -- and more intelligent about football too. It's not hard to imagine the same effect with fantasy Congress, as players become obsessed with the inner workings of our nation's legislature. C-SPAN will become the new ESPN. "Congressional Fantasy Magazines" -- not to be confused with Mark Foley's private porn stash -- will sprout up before the start of each new congressional session, handicapping the "hot rookies" who've just been elected.

(And you bet I'm signing up for a team.)


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