Saturday, October 28, 2006

No blogging for a while

So I'm off to Mexico for a week, so this blog will be on temporary hiatus. I'll be in the state of Oaxaca -- President Fox thinks it's so neat, he's sending federal troops to quell rioting in the city of Oaxaca! Read more here. Actually, I will be in the hopefully more tranquil town of Puerto Escondido with my girlfriend, sipping margaritas and doing next to nothing.

So while I'm gone, here are some things to keep yourself occupied:

1. Read Michael Lewis's fantastic profile of Coach Bill "Big Tuna" Parcells. Did you know that Parcells gets so worked up over games, he chokes on his own bile? This and other fun facts available for your perusal.

2. Do you consider yourself a fan of the Seattle Seahawks? You do? Then you should be reading Michael Sando's blog already. Sando covers the Hawks for the Tacoma News Tribune, and his blog is the best there is in pro football.

3. Would you like to see how my fantasy football team is doing? You would? Then check out the standings for my league here. My team name is DIJA VIII, and why yes, that is me in first place.

4. Rush Limbaugh is a big, fat, insulated dipshit.

5. If you live in San Francisco, or California, and need to read up on the six billion state and local initiatives we're supposed to vote on, check this nonpartisan site out.

6. Sen. Barack Obama -- the next President? Look, he's a swell speaker and all, but let's not get too excited. Did you know Obama's never taken a clear stand on gay marriage? And that he's voted against the expansion of free trade? He's Ben Riley's personal nightmare: socially conservative, fiscally protectionist. ("Yeah, but he scares the shit out of the GOP, and would make them defend the south in the 2008 elections." I know, I know.)

7. This guy is a total tool. "Success is a mental transformation." -- Aleksey Vayner

Ok, that should keep y'all busy.


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