Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Madonna and the orphan

Although I've been trying as hard as I can to ignore the "Madonna adopts a little black African baby" story, I couldn't stop myself from reading about her recent interview with Oprah wherein she defends her bizarre attempt to seem Angelina Jolie-like without any of the sincerity. Here's the Madonna refuting claims that the father of the stolen black baby didn't realize he was losing his son for life:

Madonna: He looked into my eyes and said to me that he was very grateful that I was going to give his son a life, and that had he kept his son with him in the village he would have buried him.

What the hell? Is this standard Malawi practice if you don't get adopted by a washed out pop singer? "Son, if the Madonna does not adopt you, subjecting you to the life of an adopted celebrity son who does too many drugs and parties with Paris Hilton's daughter, I plan to bury you alive."

But there's more:

The boy's father is a "a simple man who comes from a village," [Madonna said]. He has been terrorized by the press which has spun out a "completely false" story, the entertainer said.

He comes from a village? No fucking way. No wonder it was so easy to steal his son. I'm sure the poor villager was completely unswayed by having the Malawian government and the world's biggest washed-up pop star and her 457-person entourage arrive and suddenly snatch away his son. But the press? Terrorizing.

Please, now, stupid little shit story, go away.


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