Thursday, October 05, 2006

Reason #4,592 Nancy Pelosi is a dipshit

Perhaps soon-to-be-Speaker Nancy Pelosi, discussing the Foley scandal (as quoted in the NYT):

“They don’t understand what this means and how it strikes to the heart of America’s families that this new wonderful entrepreneurial thing, the Internet, is now a danger to their children,” she told students at Georgetown University. "And that a person in the Congress of the United States would use it to endanger a child, with those in power and with authority and responsibility, looking the other way.”

Really? Is that the problem here? That Republicans don't understand the Internet? Admittedly, Hastert seems clueless about "the system" that allows IMs, but he's clearly losing his mind right now. And was Foley really endangering "children"? I know I'm guilty of claiming he's a pedophile, but in fact, all of his supposed victims were over the age of 16 (the age of consent in DC).

The political scandal to be exploited is the Republican cover-up to retain political control. Pelosi seems to think it's about the perverted potential of IMing. If she really pursues this angle, she'll screw up the biggest political gift ever handed to the Democrats. (Why am I not surprised?)


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