Friday, November 17, 2006

Impressive debut, Speaker Pelosi

Just a quick to note that, one week after taking power, Nancy Pelosi has managed to (a) embarass herself (by failing to get John Murtha appointed House Majority Leader), (b) embarass the Democrats (because Murtha went on television to claim the new House ethics rules are "total crap" -- he's actually right, but maybe now was not the time to bring it up), (c) sound like a megomaniacal bitch (because she pointedly asked the incoming freshman congresspeople what committee assignments they wanted -- the keys to real power in DC -- while discussing their support for her man Murtha), (d) squander the positive press coverage the Democrats should have enjoyed for at least a month.

I'm glad I finally have a Democrat to whack as often as I've been attacking Bush. Equal time here on TPV.


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