Thursday, November 09, 2006

Seahawks mideseason awards

Well, we're half way through the NFL season, so it's time for my first annual Mideseason Seahawks Awards. Without further ado:

The "Player who looked really good in the preseason, but managed to stink it up when it counted" Award
Rob Spencer, left guard. We'd knew we'd miss Hutch, but Spencer made me miss Pork Chop -- that's hard to do.

The "Offseason acquisition who's failed to live up to even the most minimal of expectations" Award
That'd be Nate Burleson, our soon to be #5 WR.

The "Guy who should've have been starting for us from the beginning of the season and would have saved us from watching Nate Burleson's uncomfortable drops" Award
D.J. "Clutch" Hackett, who continues to shine whenever he's put on the field. I really should have bought the #18 jersey like I wanted to.

The "Genuine Team MVP but it pains me to say it" Award
Take a bow, Steve Hutchinson. I thought for sure it'd be Hasselbeck, but Seneca Wallace has played just fine in reserve. But our offensive line is in shambles, and we didn't have a running game even when Shaun was healthy.

The "Offseason acquisition who is playing well, yet may be upsetting team chemistry and detracting from overall performance" award
Here's your trophy, Julian Peterson. There's no doubt this guy is a playmaker, but what's happened to Lofa Tatupu? He seems almost invisible at times -- has his leadership role been diminished because of J-Pete?

The "Glaring weakness on the team" Award
Take a collective bow, Seattle secondary. Where to start? Kelly Herndon started the season strong but now seems content to stand three yards off his man and tackle him after every catch. Michael Boulware got burned so often, he now gets to join Shaun Alexander's midgame prayer circle while sitting on the bench. Ken Hamlin enjoys laying huge hits -- being in position to prevent the deep pass, not so much.

The "Wow, I guess Shaun Alexander is actually pretty good and I do actually miss him" Award
2.9 yards per carry Maurice Morris, ladies and gentlemen.

The "Blow out both knees and still perform at an elite level, even though no one ever talks about me" Award
The one and only D-Jax. When will people start giving this guy his dues?

The "Most predictable call by Holmgren in the entire Seahawks playbook" Award
Hello, third-and-long. Hello, handoff to Mack Strong inside for a gain of 3. Hello, me ripping my own back hair off in frustration.

The "Play that appeared to have salvaged our entire season, even though absolutely nothing has gone right since" Award
"Josh Brown lines up for the kick...54's good! The Hawsk win! Rams lose!"


Blogger Johnbai3030 said...

Mo Morris sure does fall down easy... but it's amazing to see a burst of speed from the backfield. After years of watching Mack, Matt and Shaun slowly lurch toward the open holes... Mo and Seneca are a breath of fresh air.

I think Mo's average per carry went up some over the last two games... he was at 2.9 after his first couple games (when the running game stunk just as bad as it did under Alexander.) Seems like against Formerly LA Team and Another Formerly LA Team, Mo got off pretty good.

10:30 AM  

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