Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Random thoughts

I've been busier than usual at work lately, so blog posting has been light, and will be nonexistant over the Thanksgiving holiday. So here are some random thoughts:

-- The 2006 Seattle Seahawks are hard to fathom. We are 10 weeks into the season, and I'm still not sure if they -- we -- are a good team or not.

-- I'm putting the over/under on Nancy Pelosi's reign as Speaker at 42 weeks. Bet the under.

-- Thanks, Michael Richards, for doing what I thought was impossible: making me uncomfortable watching "Seinfeld" reruns. For an added layer of awkardness, check out his apology on Letterman on Monday -- it's up YouTube. In addition to calling them "the blacks" and "Afro Americans," Letterman's guest, Jerry Seinfeld, is forced to shush the audience for laughing during the apology.

-- Where does George W. Bush rank right now on the list of worst Presidents of this century? Has he taken the crown from Nixon? I say no, due to the lack of personal corruption -- but he's closer than I would have ever thought possible.

-- Thanks, Donovan 'Torn ACL when jogging out of bounds' McNabb, for ruining my chances at winning $1500 in my fantasy football league. Time to step up, Jon "I was a teenage QB" Kitna.

-- HBO has cancelled "Deadwood," but its creator, David Milch, is returning with a new series about a surfer from Cincinnati. I'm not excited about this at all.

-- Would you like to read more about the flag football league I play in? Check out the site here. Stay tuned for when I score my first touchdown (more of an impact defense player thus far -- 3 sacks and 1 forced fumble.)

-- At what point do we recognize Putin as a dictator? Does anyone think he really is going to give up power in 2008? Put your hand down, Fidel.

-- Speaking of which, is Fidel alive? Did we ever get confirmation on this?

-- "The best team in the NFL right now is the San Diego Chargers." I hear this a lot right now. Problem is, they've trailed by 20+ point for two straight weeks. Sure, they came back to win, but the defense without Merriman is not good.

-- Here are the football players I can remember seeing in non-NFL promotional commercials this year: Peyton Manning. That's it. No joke. Wait, I did see Big Ben in a "Fat Head" commercial.

-- Darren Afnsosky (not his real spelling) has a new movie out. Nobody is better at making creepy movies that you can't stop thinking about that aren't exactly logical but nonetheless compelling. Case in point: "Requiem for a Dream."

-- My new favorite writer is David Mitchell. He's English, so I guess he's my favourite writer. "Cloud Atlas" is basically a fun, readable Thomas Pynchon novel.

-- Why is it, in poker, if you lose $200 early, but then battle back to -$10 by the end of the night, you feel great, whereas, if you win $200 early, but then dwindle down to +$10, you want to stab something (or someone) with an icepick?

-- Does this column remind you of a bad Larry King column in USA Today? If so, consider it a parody.

-- If I had to sleep with a man -- I'm saying, if my life depended on -- it sure has hell wouldn't be Bill Parcells. Have you seen Giant Tuna lately?

-- Which of the following things did my girlfriend do for my birthday last week?
(1) Cook a huge dinner for eight people
(2) Rent a helium tank and fill the apartment with balloons
(3) Make arrangements to have one of my closest friends fly in from out of town
(4) Purchase four tickets to see the Seahawks-49ers here in SF
(5) Buy not one, not two, but five books for me, including Michael Lewis's excellent new book on football
(6) Help arrange a poker game with friends
(7) Purchased a customized piece of art that shows a little Ben figurine sitting on the couch in a Seahawks jersey, underneath a little picture of me with my girlfriend, surrounded by my favorite toys, books, and CDs
(8) All of the above

Yes, I have the greatest girlfriend anyone could ever hope for.

Happy Thanksgiving all, and thanks for reading.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: Bush v Nixon for worst President.

Obviously, this depends on what criteria one accepts, but, having lived through both, my honest (not just emotional) evaluation is that it isn't even close: Bush by far….

I could write a list but I think one item in that list is sufficient: Nixon didn't leave the US in a horrible position in the world. In contrast, thanks to Bush, we will reap a bitter harvest for years to come.

-- Big Daddy

8:45 AM  
Blogger Johnbai3030 said...

The film you mention anticipating, The Fountain, is exceptional. I saw it today and it leaves a fascinating emotional impact. Those who hate yoga and 3rd eye metaphysics may dislike some of the visual imagery, but I thought it was absolute brain candy.

9:41 PM  

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