Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Woops, back to Iran

Exciting week inside the Axis of Evil. Earlier this morning, President Bush argued by insinuation that the Iranian government is arming the insurgents. As quoted by the New York Times:

Mr. Bush said it had been established beyond a doubt that a branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps known as the Quds Force is supplying Shiite groups inside Iraq with particularly deadly, Iranian-designed weapons known as explosively formed penetrators, or E.F.P.s.

The United States regards the Quds Force as part of the Iranian government, since the force has historically been under the command of Iran’s senior religious leaders. And even if the highest officials in Tehran have not directly ordered the Quds Force to supply weapons to Iraqi Shiites, they are still complicit, Mr. Bush said.

“What’s worse?” Mr. Bush asked. “That the government knew, or that the government didn’t know?”

I can't believe Bush asked this rhetorical question. It's (theoretically) much, much worse if the Iranian government sanctioned and supported the transfer of weapons from the Quds to the insurgents. If they didn't know, then responsibility cannot be imputed to them.

Incidentally, I use the word "theoretically" because even if the Iranian government is actively supporting the insurgents, what do we plan to do about it, other than what we are (or should be) doing already? I've yet to hear anyone supply an answer to this question. This doesn't stop our President from making empty threats, of course:

I intend to do something about it,” Mr. Bush said, alluding to the armor-piercing weapons.

Yeah. Bring 'em on! Yee-hah! I love living in Dr. Strangelove's America!


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