Thursday, March 22, 2007

Boy, the Houston Texans suck

Is there a worse run franchise in football than the Houston Texans?

Consider this: one year ago, the Texans had the #1 overall pick in the draft, and a crappy quarterback they refused to cut (David Carr). Instead of drafting the most exciting RB to come out of college since Barry Sander -- perhaps you've heard of Reggie Bush -- or drafting one of the two marquee QBs -- Vince Young (who won Rookie of the Year), or Matt Leinart, who also had a great rookie season -- the Texans drafted Mario Williams, a decent defensive end.

Another year, another crappy season, so the Texans decide to clean house. Great! The problem is, trading your second round picks for the next two years for Atlanta's backup QB is possibly the worst way to build a franchise. Is Matt Schaub going to be a great QB? Maybe -- but he's only played two games in the NFL (and lost both, though it wasn't his fault). But why mortgage your future on an unknown?

To make matters worse, the other offseason signing was RB Ahman Green, who turns 68 this May. The guy has maybe one decent season -- and by decent I mean just over 1000 yards, and no more than seven TDs. This is how you build a winner? No, this is how you waste money and create cap problems and f*** yourself for the future.

What a joke of a front office. Yeehaw.


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