Wednesday, April 04, 2007

President Bush stuck in the Evildoer mindset

President Bush today, as quoted by the AP:

"It's a tough war," Bush said. "The American people are weary of this war. They're wondering whether or not we can succeed. They're horrified by the suicide bombing they see."

Yet Bush used a horrific tale in Iraq — one in which terrorists put children in a car to get through a checkpoint, then exploded the vehicle — to describe why he won't pull back.

"It makes me realize the nature of the enemy we face, which hardens my resolve to protect the American people," Bush said. "People who do that are not — it's not a civil war, it is pure evil. And I believe we have an obligation to protect ourselves from that evil."

Does Bush really believe the insurgents are "pure evil"? If so, how in the world does he imagine winning the Iraq War? We cannot possibly hope to win their hearts and minds. And we cannot possibly hope to eradicate them from Iraq completely. So what's left is an unending, expensive commitment without any exit strategy for our soldiers, who -- unlike our President -- are paying the price for his fight against "pure evil" with their own blood.


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