Monday, May 07, 2007

TPV's one-year anniversary

I just realized that this blog is a year old, sometime this month. In the absence of anything of substance to talk about -- I have nothing interesting to say about France, Turkey or tornados -- I thought it might be fun to waste 15 minutes with a "best of, worst of" review of this blog.

Best Picture

Jerry, from San Francisco Auto Repair.
Best World Cup Observation
5. "Jose" from the Adidas advertisement doesn't know shit about picking a soccer team. Do you know those Adidas ads with the two street kids from some unidentified Latin American country who pick teams? Jose, the less fat kid, has the first pick and he picks freakin' Djibril Cisse, an erratic French forward more famous for his hair than his actual ability (Cisse isn't even starting for France). The fat kid immediately takes Beckham -- smart move, Gordito! -- and you have to wonder: what the f*** was Jose thinking?
Worst World Cup Observation
My rank ordering of the teams after round one had Czech Republic ranked first.
Best Seahawks Near-Prediction That Unfortunately Screwed the Team When it Came to Pass
June, 2006
2. Will Shaun Alexander continue his production? Alexander turns 29 in August. He's played four straight seasons without missing a game -- unbelievable for a RB -- carrying the ball 295, 326, 353, and 370 times. He's lost all-world tackle Steve Hutchinson. And he's on the cover of Madden. And our backup is Maurice Morris.
Most Provocative Email Exchange with Family
After claiming that my parents painted me in blackface so I could go as Dwight Gooden's baseball card for Halloween, Dad weighed in with an email claiming "Dwight was White!" only to quickly be countered by Mom, claiming that Halloween face paint was indeed purchased (but denying the use of shoe polish.)
Best Orwellian Syllogism
(1) Bush's invasion of Iraq has turned Iraq into haven for terrorists worldwide;
(2) Osama bin Laden, Bush quotes approvingly (because, you know, we haven't actually caught him) believes Iraq is fertile ground for terrorist activity;
(3) Ergo, Iraq is central to the War on Terror;
(4) "Politicians" -- read, Democrats -- who think that the amount of resources we've devoted to issue #1 (War in Iraq) instead of issue #2 (Osama bin Laden, responsible for 3,000+ U.S. deaths) -- are "diverting" resources from the War on Terror.
Think about that. By invading Iraq and failing to secure the country, we've created a breeding ground for terrorism. Therefore, we cannot divert resources from Iraq. We are at War with Oceania. We have always been at war with Oceania.
Worst Rant
Probably the Bojinka plot, which I endless railed against as zealous over prosecution by UK officials. Two of the alleged terrorists were released, but four others were convicted, and may have been involved in the London bus bombings.
Worst NFL Prediction
NFC SouthTampa Bay 10-6; New Orleans 6-10.
More navel-gazing to come...


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