Tuesday, June 05, 2007

JFK "plot" -- bojinka'd again!

On Sunday, while in the Bozeman, Montana airport, we were informed that we could not purchase a Montana snow globe souvenir until we had passed through security. Why, you may be thinking, would the Bozeman, Montana airport impose such a ludicrous rule? Because the snow globe contains a tiny amount of liquid, of course, and as you all remember, we managed to prevent a massive wave of toothpaste-based explosive terrorism last year when we captured a couple of dipshits in England who thought they could assemble a bomb from various liquid compounds (they couldn't, nor could anyone except MacGuyver).

This is the sort of idiocy seeping from every pore of America today. The ban on snow globes makes no sense, even on paranoid right-wing terms: if you really think a bomb can be made from a tiny amount of water filled with small shards of fake plastic snow, then why allow liquids and gels in small plastic sandwich bags on the plane? Either the toothpaste is with us, or against us, but it can hardly be both.

Yet another wave of hysteria apparently washed over the country while I was busy yanking rainbow trout out of the Madison River -- the so-called JFK bomb plot. The media, in typical breathless stupidity, again reports on a plot that, according to every reasonable expert I've seen interviewed, had no conceivable chance of working. This is supposed to frighten us? Morons who dream of crackpot schemes to "destroy infrastructure" by tilting at windmills and airports?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brought to you by the same folks who want to spend billions on SDI-lite to “protect us” from missiles from Iran and/or North Korea but don’t want to spend a fraction of that amount to scan incoming cargo containers for radioactivity....

-- Big Daddy

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