Tuesday, July 10, 2007

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Is it time to withdraw from Iraq? A debate summary

If you haven't noticed, the Democrats in Washington have grown a collective pair, and are about to force another showdown with Bush and the GOP over the war in Iraq. Here's a summary of the debate, with appropriate nuance befitting the political dialogue we've come to expect from our elected leaders.

Opening statements

Democrats: Time to withdraw!

Bush: This will embolden the "terrorists!"

GOP Moderates: Holy shit, we have no idea! Both options seem absymal! And ironically, even though we are probably the sanest voice in this whole debate, we are the most vulnerable politically, thus neutering our ability to influence the dialogue!


Democrats: We've spent four years fighting this war. More than 3,500 soldiers are dead, we're spending $12 billion a month, and the country of Iraq is on the verge of disintegrating. Plus, it's Bush's war, and we hate Bush.

Bush: The surge is working. We can't give the enemy a timetable for withdrawal. If we leave, more terrorists will want to kill us. Plus, the only way I can avoid going down as the worst President in US history will be to salvage some modicum of success [note: this is an unstated argument.]

GOP Moderates: Both arguments have elements of truth! If we stay, more soldiers will die, more innocent Iraqis will die. But if we leave, even more Iraqis will die -- and potentially soldiers too, if a Middle East War breaks out between Iran, Turkey, Syria, etc.


We're still fucked.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any chance of a rational bipartisan policy pretty much went out the window when Bush rejected (for all practical purposes) the Iraq Study Group.

That left no middle ground. Only if enough Republicans defect in time is there any chance for a reasonable approach to disengagement.

-- Big Daddy

7:33 AM  

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