Monday, September 24, 2007

Remider: Hugo Chavez is still batshit loony

From an AP story today:

President Hugo Chavez postponed a plan to put Venezuela's clocks back half an hour on Monday after his attempt to rush through the change in record time caused widespread confusion.

Chavez had said the shift would allow children to wake up for school in daylight instead of before sunrise, but acknowledged that some people might claim he was crazy.

No major publicity campaign was launched to explain the measure and many Venezuelans had no idea what they were supposed to do.

Even Chavez had seemed unprepared. When he first made the announcement, he told Venezuelans to move their clocks forward, when really the measure requires them to be turned back.

Chavez has dismissed criticism that moving the time only a half hour was quirky, questioning why the world had to follow a scheme of hourly divisions that he said was dictated by the imperial United States.

Ah yes, our imperial system of "hours" and "minutes." Those who control the clocks -- control the world! But Hugo, why roll back the clock only 30 minutes? Indeed, why accept the Western Imperialist notion of "time" at all? Are you afraid of where your inexorable logic leads -- to the very denial of reality itself?

As a reminder, Hugo Chavez controls one of the world's largest proven oil reserves. He's also nuttier than nut bar. Good times.


Blogger John said...

I like Chavez, a lot, but I'm confused why he didn't just have school start a half hour later... rather than trying to change everyone's clocks. This seems like an example of not running your ideas past a focus group before launching them.

Any comments on the Iranian presidential visit?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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