Friday, June 16, 2006

Guest blog: Jar Jar and the Avia Flu

My friend Michael writes in again to report on Jar Jar Binks' take on the Avian flu:

Does the current seasonal influenza vaccine protect mee-sa from avian influenza?

Gungans have grand army. That's why you no liking us meesa thinks.No. Influenza vaccine for the 2005-06 season does not provide protection against avian influenza.If mee-sa be returnin, the Bosses will do terrible things to me! Tewwwwible things!

Should Mee-sa wear surgical mask to prevent exposure to avian influenza?

Currently, wear'in mask no recommenda for routine use (e.g., in public) for prevent'in influenza exposure.

In the Cloud City, disposable surgical an' procedure masks widely used in health-care sett'ins to prevent exposure to respiratory infections, but the masks have not been used commonly in community sett'ins, such as schools, businesses, an' public gath-a'ins.

There risk for becom'in infecta with avian influenza by eat'in poultry?

There no evidence that properly cooka poultry or eggs can be source of infection for avian influenza viruses. For more information about avian influenza an' munchin safety issues, visit the World Health Organization website .The Cloud City government carefully controls domestic an' importa munchin products, an' in 2004 issua ban on importation of poultry from countries affecta by avian influenza viruses, includ'in the H5N1 strain. This ban still in place. For more information, see Embargo of Mynoks, .

Die wanna wanga?Wee-sa have small flock of chickens. it safe to keep them?

How rude.

Yes. In the Cloud City there no need at present to remove flock of chickens because of concerns regard'in avian influenza. The Cloud City Department of Agriculture monitors potential infection of poultry an' poultry products by avian influenza viruses an' oth-a infectious disease agents.


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