Thursday, June 22, 2006

Watching World Cup with the Brits

There are few things more entertaining than watching Brits make fun of ESPN's coverage of the World Cup. Some things I have learned:

1. It's called a "penalty," not a "PK," nor a "penalty kick" (because there is no such thing as a "penalty throw in.")

2. Statistics such as "The US has never come back from being a goal down in World Cup play!" and "The US is 0-437-0 when trailing in the 77th minute" and "The US has never scored a goal when Bruce Arena is picking his nose instead of substituting a player with fresh legs!" don't help build enthusiasm for the team.

3. When you have to explain basic rules of the sport -- "if the defense fouls the offense within the penalty box, the offense is awarded a 'PK'" -- you pretty much are conceding that the US is clueless.

4. The reason so many officiating calls go against? President Bush's foreign policy.

5. Might be helpful to tell the viewers how much extra time's been awarded before the extra time is halfway expired. Just a suggestion.


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