Friday, October 06, 2006

Hastert: "The wheels have come off my brain"

So you may be suffering from Foley fatigue by now -- I'm not! -- but this thing keeps getting funnier/weirder/sadder. I just found this quote from Speaker Hastert in the Chicago Tribune:

[After insinuating, without any evidence whatsoever, that "Democratic Operatives" and George Soros were behind the Foley leaks, Hastert] went on to suggest that operatives aligned with former President Bill Clinton knew about the allegations and were perhaps behind the disclosures in the closing weeks before the Nov. 7 midterm elections, but he offered no hard proof."All I know is what I hear and what I see," the speaker said. "I saw Bill Clinton's adviser, Richard Morris, was saying these guys knew about this all along. If somebody had this info, when they had it, we could have dealt with it then."

Is that the Republican talking point they hope will salvage the November elections? "It's Bill Clinton's fault?" Seriously? Memo to Hastert: Clinton hasn't been President for almost seven years. Dick Morris hasn't worked for Clinton for almost decade. This is beyond pathetic. And I have a feeling voters aren't going to swallow this shit anymore.


Blogger Johnbai3030 said...

Well, if it was Clinton... That rocks! Clinton's about to go Godfather on these Republican bitches. He OWNS that town.

8:35 PM  

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