Monday, October 02, 2006

Wow, the Foley scandal has legs!

So I thought the announcement that Rep. Mark Foley, the Republican pedophile from Key West, Florida, had been sending young Congressional interns creepy emails was, er, sort of funny. (There's no allegation that Rep. Foley actually did anything with the interns other than send emails that weirded them out.) But lo! Today I read in the NY Times that the House leadership knew about Foley's emails for more than a year. Hmm, why oh why would Speaker of the House Fatty Hastert want to keep this news covered up in a tight election year where the Democrats are threatening to unseat the Republican majority?

In other words, we have a scandal that combines:

1. Creepy pedophilia


2. Blatant political hypocrisy

All under the Republican tent! Can you say, "BINGO"? Sure, it'd be nice if the American electorate voted the Republicans out because of our new policy of torture, invading Middle Eastern countries, and spending with wild abandon, but I'll settle for a stupid sex scandal!

The best thing is, even if it's not true that Fatty Hastert was covering up for Foley, the damage has been done! Who cares about the details -- this is one of those political disasters that taints you simply by having to refute it -- "We did not cover up for that child molester" etc.

Good times.


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