Monday, March 05, 2007

Seahawks news you probably didn't know

1. The Seahawks major offseason free agency was supposed to be Kris Deilman, the left guard for the San Diego Chargers who would have plugged the hole left by Steve Hutchinson last year. Dielman visited Seattle, everyone expected we would get him...and then he decided to stay in San Diego -- and take less money! -- because of Seattle's weather. I'd be more angry if I wasn't so sympathetic to his Seattle-weather hatred.

2. For some reason, the front office is actively pursing defensive end Patrick Kerney, formerly of the Falcons. Kerney had one good season but a history of injury problems, and he's also old and white. In other words, he's just like our current old and white defensive end Grant Wistrom.

3. The Hawks front office is actively trying to trade Darrell Jackson, possibly for a second round pick. I don't get it. We traded our first round pick for Deion Branch because -- according to President Tim Ruskell -- the risk of a first round bust is high. The same logic should apply even more forcefully to the second round of the draft, no? So why would we trade D-Jack for an unknown quantity, particularly when (a) Branch didn't look that good, (b) Burleson looked like shit, and (c) D.J. Hackett may get poached by another team (more on that in a sec)? The logic eludes me.

4. Speaking of Hackett, we tendered him at the "second" level, meaning, we offered him $1.3 million for next year. Other teams can sign him for more, but they have to give up a second round pick to do so. Hmm, does this sound familiar? Would you rather have Hackett -- who looks awesome in every game he plays -- or the rights to some unknown quantity?

5. We seem to be losing the race for Daniel Graham, the best free agent TE on the market; we haven't resigned Stevens; and the TE draft market is extremely shallow. In other words, we're kind of screwed at TE.

At this point, we're going to need one of the all-time great drafts to to stay competitive in the NFC. The 49ers are making all the right moves and we are floundering.


Anonymous Jimmimoose said...

I agree, we're heading for trouble right now. I don't think the offseason is a disaster just yet, but I'm not encouraged by developments right now....

2:58 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

As you probably know already, we signed Kerney. A waste of cap space, I suspect, but hopefully he'll prove me wrong.

Randy McMichael is a free agent TE. He's very Stevens-like -- talented, tends to disappear at times, has off-field issues. But at least he's another TE option.

11:47 AM  
Anonymous Jimmimoose said...

I'm pleased the Broncos got Graham at that sort of cash. We didn't need another 15 million guaranteed going to a mediumly talented TE. I'd rather bring back Stevens, if that's what we're gonna do.

I'm still curious to see what the Hawks do about their strong safety position. I like Boulware, but we need someone to help out Trufant and Jennings, and I don't think Babs can handle it.

11:04 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

Safety is a major concern, since we may not keep Hamlin either. We may hope for someone like Eric Wheddle from Utah will drop to us in the 3rd (I suspect we'll target a guard in the 2nd).

9:30 AM  

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