Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Harrison Ford's career

Whatever happened to Harrison Ford? Over on ESPN's Page 2, Bill Simmons compares Tim Duncan, the solidly great center for the Spurs, to Harrison Ford's movie career up until "The Fugitive." It's an interesting comparison. There's no doubt that Ford was box-office gold for nearly 15 years, and "The Fugitive" is somewhere in my top 10 favorite actions films. But here's my question: if Duncan is about to have his "Fugitive" moment, does that mean he's about to fall off a cliff just like Harrison did, post-Fugitive? Consider this lineup of films:

1994 -- Clear and Present Danger. Solid, unspectacular, and one of the more forgettable Jack Ryan films. An 18 ppg, 8 rbs, 30 mpg of a film.

1995 -- Sabrina. A disaster, obviously. But everyone is entitled to an off year, even Ford/Duncan.

So that brings us to:

1996 -- Nothing. No films at all. (Injury?)

1997 -- Air Force One (Ford showing signs of serious decline in completely formulaic action film) and The Devil's Own (boring, though does feature some laughable Irish accents).

1998 -- Six Days, Seven Nights. I'm pretty sure this had Anne Heche in it, before she was an ecstasy snorting lesbian. Might be worth renting for unintentional comedic value. In 1998, if you were a serious Harrison Ford fan, it was time to start getting worried.

1999 -- Random Hearts. I didn't see it either.

2000 -- What Lies Beneath. Cool title, horrible movie.

2001 -- Another injury year (no films).

2002 - 2006 -- Ford rattled off the following flops: K-19 The Widowmaker; Hollywood Homicide; Water to Wine (as "Jethro the Bus Driver" according to IMDB); and Firewall. Do you smell the straight to video?

2007, in production -- Indiana Jones Part IV: The Quest for Low-Cost Prescription Drugs. Seriously, are you looking forward to seeing Indy hobble around, shaking his cane at the young Nazi whippersnappers?


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I blame Calista Flockhart! ~momther

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