Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Not exactly getting it

The National Intelligence Estimate on Al Qaeda was released today, and to the surprise of exactly no one, it concludes that we (meaning the US) are less safe because real Al Qaeda is planning to harnass and coordinate its efforts with New Al Qaeda in Iraq. When asked to discuss whether this meant we should consider withdrawing from Iraq, here's what Dept. of Homeland Security representative Frances Townsend had to say:

"So we should leave then, and we should not disturb our enemies anywhere in the world because they may use it for propaganda value? I don't think so," Townsend said when pressed by reporters at a news conference.

"Every time you poke the hornet's nest, they are bound to come back and push back on you," she said.

Uh, maybe we should stop poking the hornet's nest? Just an idea.


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