Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Seahawks training camp -- day three!

Some quick notes on Hawks training camp:

1. Jordan Babineaux has a bone bruise and will miss four weeks. If he hadn't already lost the nickel job to rookie CB Josh Wilson, he just did.

2. Remember this name: Leonard Weaver. He may be the most exciting Hawk you've never heard of. A fullback, Weaver has (a) power and (b) great hands, so we may see a lot more of him on passing downs this year. He's also got a wicked stiff arm.

3. For some reason, backup QB Seneca Wallace is returning punts. Uh, isn't that what Nate Burleson is for?

4. Conflicting reports on D.J. Hawkett. Seahawks Insider keeps reporting that he looks amazing; Seattle PI claims he "stood out in a sea of ineffectiveness." Whatever. He's the starter, and bank on this: he'll be the Hawks leading receiver this year.

5. Do you know who David Greene is? Answer: our third-string QB. Do you know that he sucks? Because he does.

6. Biggest concern: Marcus Tubbs is on the "PUP" list (physically unable to perform). No one knows if this is a precautionary move or whether there's been a setback in his rehab. If the latter, you have my permission to start crying now.

7. Happiest surprise: Brandon Mebane is apparently lighting guys up at defensive end. With Kerney looking healthy too, we should have a hell of a pass rush this year.


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