Friday, August 10, 2007

Things to watch for in the Sunday Seahawks-Chargers preseason game

With my new gig moonlighting for the Football Outsiders, I've had less time to blog here -- so thanks to those of you who have stuck around. I'm pondering the future of this blog during NFL season, so I can't promise things are going to get any better. In any event, here's some quick thoughts for the Hawks first preseason game:

1. Watch Brandon Mebane, our new DT from Cal. He's shredding people in training camp. Can he function in the Marcus Tubbs run-clogging role we so desperately need on the d-line to free up Lofa, J-Pete and L-Hill? Let's hope so.

2. Leonard Weaver. You heard it here first: this guy is going to seriously eat into Shaun Alexander's carries this year. He usually lays out a vicious stiff arm in preseason too, so keep your eyes on him.

3. David Greene. Who dat? He be our third QB. Most everyone agrees he sucks in practice, but can turn it on during games. That'd be real nice to see on Sunday, because Coach Walrus has said that this might free up Seneca Wallace to play WR. Which would be sweet.

4. Marcus Pollard, our ancient TE -- will he catch more than 10 passes this year? The smart money says no but let's see how he does against the Chargers.


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