Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The weirdest emails I get are from Chuck E. Cheese

Last year for my 29th birthday, we partied at Chuck E. Cheese. Ever since I booked my group's reservation on line, I've been getting emails from Chuck regarding the goings-ons at his crib.

Last week, Chuck emailed me this offer:

Chuck E-Club Members,We all feel the pressure from rising gas prices at the
pump. To help, Chuck E. Cheese's is providing a $3 gas rebate in Tokens to our
exclusive Chuck E-Club members. Bring this coupon into a participating location
to receive 12 free Tokens.

Say what? $3 gas rebate tokens? What gas station would ever accept these? "Uh, can I get $47 of premium on tank one, plus another $3 worth I wanna pay for with this Chuck E. Cheese token?" For that matter, how could these tokens even be redeemed---doesn't everyone pay for gas by ATM card nowadays?

Then, just a few days ago, I find this in my inbox:

Dear Chuck E-Club Member,As one of our guests, we would like to provide you with
an important product advisory.

Chuck E. Cheese’s, in cooperation with official agencies, is investigating this
product for possible involvement in a fire or smoke inhalation incident. We
recommend that you unplug and not use this product until this investigation is
completed. As is true with all products that you purchase or receive at Chuck E.
Cheese’s, you may exchange the Manley Disco Light for a product of comparable
value if you are not completely satisfied.

Huh? Does this mean that, merely by plugging in the "Manley Disco Light" I'm risking death? What "official agencies" are investigating the Manley Disco Light, and where can I find the report?


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