Friday, June 23, 2006

Being a lawyer

I read this today on, which itself was quoting another blog by a female attorney named "Megan," who has this to say:

They [meaning male lawyers] went to law school because they weren't sure who they were, stayed because it is all-engrossing, and became lawyers because it is ****ing hard not to after law school. But I don't think many of them like it, and I don't think most ever made an affirmative choice to find what they love and do it.

Boy does that have the echo of truth (though in my case, I never planned to be a lawyer, but sort of fell back on it after leaving Wall Street). I know many attorneys who took jobs at large law firms because, well, that's who was hiring, and offering huge sums of money. And then you get stuck -- with rent, mortgage, children, etc. -- and then 10-20-30 years go by, and that's your life.

Stay tuned for further ruminations on this topic.


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