Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bojinka -- The Terrorist Plot the Terrorists Won't Give Up On

Some quick hits on the lead news story:

1. Color me skeptical, at this stage, about the real threat this plot posed. There have been too many bullshit terrorist plots announced by the governments of both countries for me to have any faith in the pronouncements of zealous federal officials. We already know that no bombs were, you know, actually constructed. The timing is also suspicious.

2. Dept. of Homeland Security Director Chertoff said the plot was "suggestive" of al Qaeda. What the hell does that mean? It involved Muslim terrorists?

3. Wait, maybe he means it was suggestive of al Qaeda, since, you know, al Qaeda operative Khalik Sheik Mohammed -- the guy who basically ran 9/11 (not bin Laden) -- had this same fucking plan 10 years ago. He called it "Bojinka" -- I swear this is all in the 9/11 Commission report -- and the plan was to blow up 10 planes in the air simultaneously(though over the Pacific, not the Atlantic). So I don't want to hear any more shit from Tom Friedman about how a "failure of imagination" resulted in 9/11 -- it's pretty clear that terrorists have a shit imagination and are fixated on blowing up airplanes.

4. My girlfriend was/is scheduled to go on a transatlantic flight from Heathrow to SFO on United a week from today. That should be fun.


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