Thursday, August 03, 2006

Seahawks Love

Seahawks fans, when not complaining about officiating, love to whine about the east coast media bias and the Hawks' "lack of respect" that results. So it's nice to see the folks over at Fox Sports -- who are the same folks at Football Outsiders, a great website for any football fan -- give the Hawks so much love this offseason. Fox has ranked every unit for all 32 teams. Here's the Seattle standings:
QB: 3rd
RB: 1st
WR/TE: 2nd
O-Line: 4th
D-Line: 2nd
LBs: 4th

Before anyone gets too cheery, of course, Fox has yet to rank the secondary or special teams, two areas where the Seahawks, er, sucked last year. No other team comes close to have so many top 5 finishes, or on both sides of the ball.

Hawks Hawks Hawks.


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