Monday, September 11, 2006

Nancy Pelosi -- Republican operative?

My local Representative, Nancy "Bug Eyes" Pelosi, is in line to become the next Speaker of the House if the Democrats can capture Congress. So surely she's done everything in her power to help improve the Democratic chances of winning, right?

Well, not exactly. About a year ago, California's Governator proposed creating an independent panel to oversee legislative redistricting in California -- basic premise being, one a party gets in power, it shouldn't be able to jerry rig electoral districts to create safe, uncontested seats. For reasons completely self-interested, Rep. Bug Eyes actively campaigned against the measure, which went down in flaming defeat. (Confession: I didn't vote for it either -- I went to two different polling stations in my neighborhood, and both were closed for some reason. I was bummed.) As a result, similar ballot measure in Republican-controlled states also failed. And thus in the coming fall elections it will be much, much tougher for the Democrats to pick up the 15 seats they need to takeover Congress.

Why did Pelosi oppose the measure? Probably because it was sponsored by the Republican Governator (and would diminish the Democrats' stranglehold over California politics). Kos, by the way, saw through Pelosi's shenanigans before the election.


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