Monday, September 11, 2006

Seahawks recap

The Good

-- Matt Hasselbeck completed 25 of 30 passes, and looked as good as he did last year

-- Our rookie punter can kick, and our new kick returner can return; special teams overall looked great

-- Darrell Jackson played the whole game, and DJ Hackett made another clutch catch

-- Overall, the defense looked solid and kept us in the game

The Bad

-- Shaun Alexander went nowhere all day; the huge offseason contract may have been a mistake

-- Mike Holmgren's horrific clock management is beyond my ability to explain

-- Tom Ashworth subbed in for one play at Left Tackle, immediately gave up a sack

The Ugly

-- Speaking of sacks, the o-line gave up five, including two in field goal position, and generally looked confused out there; game one jitters, or was the loss of Hutchinson that significant?

-- Nine points? Against the Jon-Kitna-led Lions?

-- Shaun Rogers completely dominated us; five tackles, two sacks, and a blocked field goal -- he was clearly the player of the game, and totally crushed Pork Chop Womack


Seahawks just traded for wide re receiver Deion Branch. Super Bowl MVP Deion Brach.


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