Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rock Star: Novasuper

Some observations about last night's "Rock Star: Supernova" finale:

(1) Although I was shocked when Lukas won , it makes more sense to me this morning. The band needs to appeal to men and women. Oddly, if they had picked Dilana, I think the number of teen males aged 12-19 who would have bought the first "Novasuper" album would have plummeted. Also, how could Tommy Lee engage in Tommy Lee-like activities with an
earth mother in the tour van?

(a) In light of the above, does Dilana have an actionable case of gender discrimination?

(2) The first song Lukas sung last night was actually pretty good, albeit a complete "Louis XIV" ripoff.

(3) This is the best possible thing for Dilana. She's gotten tons of national exposure, but won't be stuck playing garbage stadium anthems for the next ten years with three talentless members of formerly huge bands. She will also be freed to rip on people in the press over the next few days.

(4) In contrast, we will never hear from Magni again. Bye, Magni.

(5) Last night, at about 11 pm, the Brook Burke robot was returned to the the basement of the NBC offices and frozen in carbonite; her next thawing date is scheduled for May 2007, for E's "Wild On: Tijuana!"


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