Thursday, November 30, 2006

President Bush: Time for Opposite Day?

Yesterday, the news services reported that, in a leaked memo from National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley, Hadley questioned the competence of Iraqi President al-Maliki.

President Bush's immediate response: We support al-Maliki and will continue to do so.

Today, the Iraqi Commission that was formed by President Bush, headed by former Secretary of State James Baker, issued its report that calls for the beginning of the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.

President Bush's immediate response: There will be no withdrawal.

I'm starting to wonder if Bush has adopted a "Slate-like" contrarian approach to national security matters. Is this how his mind works? "Screw the conventional wisdom, I'm sticking with my failing approach." Who knows anymore. Still, it'd be interesting to see what would happen if we tried to fool him. For example:

Hadley reports that al-Maliki is firmly in charge of Iraqi security forces and moving decisively to quell the insurgency. President Bush immediately responds by calling for a new round of Iraqi elections.

The Baker Commission recommends a full escalation of troops to Gulf War I levels -- approximately 500,000 troops. President Bush responds by announcing that troops will be gradually withdrawn over the next year, to a minimal force of 25,000 by the end of 2007.

It's come to this: I'm proposing we fool our President through crafty use of "Opposite Day." And I'm only half-joking.


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