Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My NFL preseason predictions -- complete crap!

Continuing today's all-NFL posts, I thought'd be interesting to review my NFL predictions back in early September:

AFC East
Miami 10-6 (Actual: 6-10; I blame dsylexia)
New England 9-7 (Actual: 12-4; I wrote "Bill Belichick, certified genius, will somehow guide this team to nine wins despite having Pepsi Machine starting at wideout by week six"; I should have said 12!
NY Jets 7-9 (Actual: 10-6; I wrote "Chad Pennington is comeback player of the year." Not bad.)
Buffalo 5-11 (Actual: 7-9_

AFC North
Pittsburg 12-4 (Actual: 8-8; feels so good to have them missing the playoffs)
Cincinnati 11-5 (Actual: 8-8; did not anticipate arrest of entire team)
Cleveland 7-9 (Actual: 4-12)
Baltimore 6-10 (Actual: 13-3; This was my second worst prediction; they are still 13-3 and I still can't accept it)

AFC South
Jacksonville 12-4 (Actual: 8-8; schizophrenic team)
Indianapolis 10-6 (Actual: 12-4)
Houston 5-11 (Actual: 6-10; I wrote that "I was one of six people who thought it was a good idea to pass on Reggie Bush. I also supported the Iraq invasion. At least there's hope in Iraq -- the same can't be said in Houston." That whole "hope in Iraq" line is looking pretty dubious too. This is getting depressing)
Tennessee 2-14 (Actual: 8-8; what might have happened if they started Vince Young from day 1?)

AFC West
Denver 12-4 (Actual: 9-7; I wrote "At some point, Jake Plummer will implode. Then Jay Cutler will come in . . ." Sounds great, until you read the rest: "...and pull a Big Ben Roethlisberger on the AFC West, winning out the regular season and going deep into the playoffs before a heartbreaking loss in the AFC Championship game." That, or miss the playoffs. Whatever.)
Kansas City 11-5 (Actual: 9-7)
San Deigo 9-7 (Actual: 14-2; I wrote "Team would be favorite to win the AFC if it'd kept Drew Brees." Well at least I was right about Brees.)
Oakland 4-12 (Actual: 2-14; They won't win four games next year either.

NFC East
Philadelphia 10-6 (Actual: 10-6! Yes!)
Ny Giants 9-7 (Actual: 8-8! Not bad)
Dallas 8-8 (Actual: 9-7; my quip: "Bledsoe drops back...dumps to the gain. TO just punched Bledsoe...seems to be eating his spleen...oh my."
Washington 5-11 (Actual: 5-11; I should have just stuck with the NFC East, and I'd be hailed as a genius)

NFC North
Chicago 9-7 (Actual: 13-3; I still think they are out in one game)
Green Bay 8-8 (Actual: 8-8; Booyah.)
Detroit 7-9 (Actual: 3-13; here's what I wrote: "The RB sucks, the WRs are mediocre, and the QB is backup masquerading as a starter." Uh, why did I think they'd win 7 games then?)
Minnesota 3-13 (Actual: 6-10; I can't believe one of those 6 W's came against the Hawks.)

NFC South
Tampa Bay 10-6 (Actual: 4-12; Oops.)
Carolina 9-7 (Actual: 8-8; not everyone got on board the Panthers bandwagon)
Atlanta 9-7 (Actual: 7-9; that damn dyslexia again)
New Orleans 6-10 (Actual: 10-6; no one else predicted six wins, so I feel ok about this)

NFC West
Seattle 12-4 (Actual: 9-7; what might have been against SD, KC, and SF (twice))
Arizona 8-8 (Actual: 5-11; next year, this team will win eight games. Bank on it.)
St. Louis 6-10 (Actual: 8-8; not sure how this team won eight games)
San Francisco 3-13 (Actual: 7-9; as some may remember, I wrote that the Niners were "complete shit." Apparently they read my blog, because they promptly went out and kicked the Hawks' ass twice. This team has a good coach, a decent QB, and a phenomenal RB. If they get some help at WR and make some upgrades on defense, they will contend next year. The NFC West just got interesting. But you know what? They are still complete shit.)


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