Friday, June 23, 2006

Democrats and Iraq

Go over to Talking Points Memo and read Josh Marshall's open letter to the Democrats regarding the Iraq War. Do it now. Here's the link:

I think he's absolutely right. If the Democrats try to campaign on a platform of "Date certain for withdrawal," they will squander the biggest opportunity for electoral gain since Emancipation. If the Democrats instead campaign on the platform of, "The President Has No Plan (and Never Did)," the Democrats win.

[Question left begging: What's the Democrats' plan? Answer: Doesn't matter! The reality is the Democrats in Congress cannot control the ground operations in Iraq anyway. What they can do is hold the President and the Administration accountable to Congress, and by cliched extension, The People. This will force the Administration to acknowledge the stark reality in Iraq.]

[Double bonus parenthetical comment: What about advocating more -- yes, more! -- troops in Iraq, to "secure the borders Bush never secured." How would that play? Anyone? Bueller?]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

More troops? Hmmmmmm, don't you think it will be more bitter dregs, only this time with the Dems having to fessup and accept responsibility?

In terms of the way to win, I agree that looking at the President's weaknesses is an excellent strategy. Have you sent this link, or even the article itself because they won't click on a link I bet, to all Dems in Congress? ~m

9:59 AM  

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