Friday, July 07, 2006

Random thoughts

So the blogging's been light this week, due to my weekend excursion to the Russian River Valley to celebrate the 4th of July. Catching up on the events of the week:

1. The North Korean missile test actually relieved, rather than agitated, me. The NK missile program appears to be in decline -- further evidence that diplomatic weapon sanctions programs actually work much better than I would have though. (Q.E.D., Iraq.) This won't stop us from pretending to be worried, of course, and nor should it; NK must face consequences for saber rattling. But the chances these dipshits have the bomb just got halved.

2. The Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest -- the Super Bowl event in the MLE (Major League of Eating) -- made for compelling television. While most of the attention went to Kobayashi, the 53 3/4 hot dog eating champion who's only loss in the MLE in the last year was to a 1,083 Kodiak bear, I was more interested in the 95 pound Japanese woman who had the intensity of a kamikaze pilot. If you'll excuse the analogy.

3. England blew a good chance to win the World Cup by shanking three penalty kicks. Italy's defense continues to dominate (they've conceded one "own goal" throughout the tournament, to the USA), and Christian Ronaldo will never be able to play in Britain again. Prediction: France loses on Sunday, final score 1-0.

4. Ken Lay's death surely was hastened by the thought of spending his remaining years in prison. It's a shame that so many people associate his name (and Jeff Skilling) with the destruction of Enron, when the real culprit was CFO Andy Fastow (who cut a deal to testify against Lay and Skilling).


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